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How smoking affects your health (by Simon)

Affects of smoking by Simon at My Vape Box
Many e-cigarette users decide to make the switch from smoking either because of direct health issues or the worry of health problems in the future. For me personally, I was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) over a decade ago. My lungs are badly damaged from 30 years of smoking, my lung capacity and functionality is essentially that of a very old man. I get breathless walking up hills especially. I am in no doubt that smoking has caused this, and I am in no doubt that switching to vaping has improved my health...

What’s in e-cigarette e-liquid?

How e-liquid is made and ingredients for vaping
This question is usually asked because people are worried about what they are inhaling, thankfully there really is no big mystery to the ingredients found in e-liquids...

Simon's guide to making a successful switch from smoking to vaping

Switching from smoking to an e-cigarette and vaping
This blog is based on my own experience and the experience of helping friends and family make successful switches from smoking to vaping. Much of this blog is about preparation, the better you prepare the more chance you will have of switching successfully and making it a fairly easy and stress-free experience...

Will my e-cigarette explode?

E-cigarette exploding or setting on fire safety
It's something new e-cigarette users sometimes worry about, usually because of the stories we've all read in the press. But is it really something we should be concerned about? As with a lot of the topics around vaping, a little perspective is always needed...

Merry Christmas From My Vape Box!

Merry Christmas From My Vape Box!
Firstly, we'd like to send all of you best wishes for the Christmas season and a massive thank you to all our customers in 2018. Hopefully you are all stocked up on e-liquid, vape coils and the other consumables you need and ready to put your feet up for a few days of well-earned rest!....

Why the vaping industry needs to be welcoming for all smokers

Vaping industry welcoming for smokers
Hi everyone, as the year starts to draw to a close I'd really like to reflect on a few things I've been thinking about lately. Something that has come as bit of a shock to me is the realisation that some people are being put off from trying vaping because of bad experiences, a perceived 'image' of what vaping is or simply that they didn't know that vaping was for them. Not because of inaccurate scare stories in the media or misinformation they've heard from friends, but because of elements of the vaping industry and community itself.

“Is nicotine bad for you?”

Is Nicotine bad or harmful Nick O Teen advert
There is no doubt that the public's perception of nicotine isn't good. 9 out of 10 adults in the UK believe nicotine to be harmful and one of the main cancer-causing chemicals in cigarettes*. But this is simply not true...

How does an e-cigarette work?

How does an e-cigarette work?

You charge your battery, fill your tank with e-liquid, take a puff and hey-presto, your e-cigarette bursts into life and produces some vapour. But ever wondered, how does this happen!?

Knowing exactly how an e-cigarette works doesn’t just relieve this curiosity. Having a basic understanding can help you make sure you’re maintaining and using your e-cigarette correctly so that you’re getting the best out of it (and avoiding it from stopping working!)

So, in this blog we'll try to explain hoe e-cigarettes work, without getting too technical in the details, especially as they are relatively simple devices… so here goes…

Which e-liquid nicotine strength should I get?

How to choose e-liquid nicotine strength

A simple question, but one that's not all that easy to answer without knowing the persons current smoking habits, how often they intend to vape, and on what e-cigarette device.

It's a commonly held belief that if you are a light smoker, or a social smoker, that you will only need a low strength e-liquid. And that if you are a heavy smoker you will need a high strength e-liquid. I've seen and heard that so many times it feels that it's become a generic response to the question and it's often stated in a way that suggests that it doesn't need further exploration or consideration. But this isn’t true...

Why does my vape taste burnt?

Why does my vape taste burnt?
Have you ever been happily vaping away and then you start to get a nasty, burnt taste coming from your e-cigarette? Well you’re definitely not alone! One of the most common issues people experience when using an e-cigarette is getting a burnt taste. This can be very, very unpleasant. But what causes it!? Well, there's a few reasons this might be happening and hopefully this blog will explain some of the main causes and help you avoid it!

Will vaping harm you?

Lady vaping an e-cigarette less harm and won't cause cancer
You might be surprised to hear from us that the honest answer is yes, it could. But let’s not get carried away… this is not an anti-vaping tabloid newspaper article. In this week’s blog, let’s stick to the facts about vaping and e-cigarettes and try to understand what we know, and what we don't know, about the risks and harm vaping could cause...

Which e-cigarette device should I get?

Which e-cigarette device should I get?
It's usually the first question we will ask after deciding to switch to an e-cigarette. The amount of choice available today can be overwhelming even for experienced vapers. For someone who has no idea of the types available and the differences between them it can be very difficult to choose something that will work for you...