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Why does my e-liquid suddenly taste funny

Why does my e-liquid suddenly taste bad?

Many vapers have experienced those times when your favourite e-liquid starts tasting weird, different, or isn't tasting of anything much at all. It's something I've been through and sometimes it will reoccur occasionally.

Most of us have heard of the dreaded 'Vapers Tongue' when we simply can't taste the flavours in the vapour, but I've noticed many other things that affect how my vape tastes. Some of them might be common and obvious, while others were unexpected to me and took me some time to understand why it was happening...


VG PG ratio e-liquid from My Vape Box

What is the difference between VG and PG and which mix is right for me?

Almost all vaping e-liquids contain a mix of both PG and VG called a 'Ratio', usually expressed as 50/50, 80/20, 60/40 etc. This can be confusing as different products may use the first number to represent either VG or PG. However it's increasingly becoming the industry standard that the VG will be expressed first, so a 70/30 mix will have base ingredients of 70% VG and 30% PG. There are reasons that manufacturers use different ratios that we will explore a little later on, but it's important to know what you are buying so you can be sure it will work for you and your vaping device...

Common mistakes vaping e-liquid and e-cigarettes

My alternative list of "Common mistakes new vapers make"

There are many “Top 5 mistakes new vapers make” (and similarly titled blogs) on the web already. But sadly a lot of them are just facsimiles of each other that don't offer anything new or offer any really good advice to new vapers. A lot of them feel very out of date, with information that is quite honestly closer to misinformation. With all that in mind here's my own alternative list of 'Common mistakes new vapers make.'...  


How to choose vape e-liquid

How to choose the right vaping e-liquid for you

What are the key things we should consider when buying e-liquids? The flavour, the nicotine strength and the VG/PG ratio might be the obvious considerations. And once you have some experience buying e-liquids you'll be able to make fairly informed decisions on those. We quickly find out what e-liquid is suitable for us and what we might enjoy vaping. The other thing we really should always think about is where and who you are buying it from. Price and value for money might also be something that's important to you. We all like a bargain but not if it's going to end up down the sink!...

Are e-cigarettes bad for you?

Reading past the e-cigarette scare headlines

Since I started vaping 3 years ago there's been an almost continuous stream of negative articles and stories in the media. What they always seem to have in common is a dramatic and scary headline - those stories will be shared on social media and those headlines will be all that a lot of smokers read. It doesn't matter what the actual article says, people will comment negatively underneath without even reading the detail and the damage is done...
Spitting popping e-cigarette vaping

Why is my vape spitting?

A spitting e-cigarette is an issue that a lot of e-cigarette users have experienced before. Rather than a pleasant, smooth vapour on inhaling you experience popping, spitting and hot e-liquid on your tongue. While it’s not really anything to worry about from a safety perspective, it’s not a nice sensation and could lead to frustration with your vaping device...
Affects of smoking by Simon at My Vape Box

How smoking affects your health (by Simon)

Many e-cigarette users decide to make the switch from smoking either because of direct health issues or the worry of health problems in the future. For me personally, I was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) over a decade ago. My lungs are badly damaged from 30 years of smoking, my lung capacity and functionality is essentially that of a very old man. I get breathless walking up hills especially. I am in no doubt that smoking has caused this, and I am in no doubt that switching to vaping has improved my health...
How e-liquid is made and ingredients for vaping

What’s in e-cigarette e-liquid?

This question is usually asked because people are worried about what they are inhaling, thankfully there really is no big mystery to the ingredients found in e-liquids...
Switching from smoking to an e-cigarette and vaping

Simon's guide to making a successful switch from smoking to vaping

This blog is based on my own experience and the experience of helping friends and family make successful switches from smoking to vaping. Much of this blog is about preparation, the better you prepare the more chance you will have of switching successfully and making it a fairly easy and stress-free experience...
E-cigarette exploding or setting on fire safety

Will my e-cigarette explode?

It's something new e-cigarette users sometimes worry about, usually because of the stories we've all read in the press. But is it really something we should be concerned about? As with a lot of the topics around vaping, a little perspective is always needed...
Merry Christmas From My Vape Box!

Merry Christmas From My Vape Box!

Firstly, we'd like to send all of you best wishes for the Christmas season and a massive thank you to all our customers in 2018. Hopefully you are all stocked up on e-liquid, vape coils and the other consumables you need and ready to put your feet up for a few days of well-earned rest!....
Vaping industry welcoming for smokers

Why the vaping industry needs to be welcoming for all smokers

Hi everyone, as the year starts to draw to a close I'd really like to reflect on a few things I've been thinking about lately. Something that has come as bit of a shock to me is the realisation that some people are being put off from trying vaping because of bad experiences, a perceived 'image' of what vaping is or simply that they didn't know that vaping was for them. Not because of inaccurate scare stories in the media or misinformation they've heard from friends, but because of elements of the vaping industry and community itself.