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Are we doing enough to encourage e-cigarette use?

Are we doing enough to encourage e-cigarette use?

The UK is still without a doubt one of the most friendly countries when it comes to e-cigarettes and vaping. There are currently no laws preventing or restricting their use in public places. However we are increasingly finding that vaping is being treated the same as smoking by many indoor establishments and even outdoor places such as railways stations and attractions. I would always encourage people to be respectful when using e-cigarettes around others but is it right that we are often treated the same as smokers? What effect might that be having on both public perception and the choices smokers could make?

What is vaping harm reduction

Why do I use the term 'harm reduction' and what does it mean?

Harm reduction is most often used when specifically talking about Government policies and practices that aim to minimise the negative health and social impacts associated with drug use. In a wider context it's any public health strategy that is developed to reduce the harms associated with certain behaviours...
Why don't my e-liquid flavours taste authentic?

Why don't my e-liquid flavours taste authentic?

It's often said that 'taste is subjective' and this never rings more true than when we are discussing e-liquid flavours. Within groups of vapers this remark is commonly used as a caveat when talking about flavours. “Does this e-liquid taste nice?” … Yes, it does to me, but of course taste is subjective!

The idea for this blog came about after talking to a frustrated friend who, after trying many different e-liquids and flavours and was disappointed. I tried to understand what it was he was looking for and where I might be able to help him...

solutions for problems with vaping

I've tried vaping before but it didn't work out...

While many of us find it fairly easy to switch from smoking to vaping, there are unfortunately a small but significant group of people that it just doesn't seem to work out for.

It can be frustrating for both them and people who are trying to help and support them. Why is this happening and what can we do to help those people?...

Real Stories #2: Colin's Story

Real Stories #2: Colin's Story

Real Stories is an ongoing series of blogs where I talk to friends and relatives about their experiences of quitting smoking and switching to e-cigarette products instead.

For the second entry in the series I spoke to one of my good friends Colin and asked him about his experiences and thoughts...

How long does a vaping kit last?

How long will my vaping kit last?

This blog was inspired by something a friend asked me a while back. After I'd told him what I paid for the tank and mod I was using, the cost of e-liquids, etc. he asked “So, how long will that last before you have to buy another?” It was an interesting question and one that wasn't easy for me to answer. Today we have more choice than ever in the type of e-cigarette we choose and when you buy your first set up, which might cost you anything between £20 and £80, you might rightly wonder how long it's going to last you...

Tobacco flavoured vaping e-liquids

Should I Start Vaping With Tobacco flavoured E-Liquids?

“I just want something that tastes like my cigarettes!”

As someone who has tried to get a number of people to switch from smoking to vaping, I've heard this comment quite a lot. If you own a vaping shop I would imagine it's something you hear every day. While it's totally understandable that a smoker would think this way and may seem perfectly logical to them, I'm going to suggest that this way of thinking is, in almost all cases, detrimental to making a successful switch from smoking to vaping... 

When do I replace my ecigarette coil

When should I replace my e-cigarette coil?

One of the first questions I ever asked as a vaper was “When I do I need to put a new coil in?” the guy in the vape shop, who had been very helpful up to this point, told me that the coil should last a few weeks. In reality I changed that coil after a week as I felt it was starting to lose flavour to the point that I didn't want to use it. I've since been asked the same question several times and it's not an easy question to answer, although I completely understand that it's the very thing that new e-cigarette users want to know...
Why is my e-cigarette leaking

Why is my e-cigarette leaking?

Leaking vaping gear is unfortunately still a common issue, it doesn't matter if you are using a stock coil tank, a rebuildable tank or a pod system, it's something all of us have experienced at one time or another. The causes and possible solutions are quite varied because the devices themselves are so varied. It would be impossible to cover every device and situation but I'll cover as many of the common issues as I can...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2020 has been a really difficult year for everyone and for many of us it's been a year we'd rather forget. Some of you will have lost loved ones, friends and family, some of you will have lost jobs and businesses. The stress and anxiety may have been a factor in you continuing to smoke, not thinking about switching to vaping or even returning to cigarettes...
Quit smoking case study story

Real Stories #1: Glen's Story

Real Stories is an ongoing series of blogs where I talk to friends and relatives about their experiences of quitting smoking and switching to e-cigarettes. Hopefully this will inspire others and provide some insights into why people switch to vaping and what differences it has made to their lives. For the first in the series I asked my brother-in-law Glen to share his thoughts with me...
Different functions and features on an e-cigarette box mod

What do all the features and functions on an advanced e-cigarette device mean?

The features and functions on any vaping device will vary from model to model. Wattage/power mode is fairly self explanatory and simple to use and understand. We've talked about temperature control recently, so we won't be covering those functions again, but there's a lot of extra options in some mods. This is a simple explanation of some of the more common modes and features you might find hidden away in the menu on a typical 'advanced' mod...