How to choose the right e-cigarette device for you

So you’ve made the decision you want to stop smoking cigarettes and want to get an e-cigarette starter kit to help.

My name is Chloe from My Vape Box and today I’m writing about picking your first e-cigarette device. So, you’ve probably looked around and you’ve probably seen all these vaping enthusiasts carrying these giant black boxes and blasting these huge clouds of vapor. And you're thinking “Oh my God, I just want to get off cigarettes! I don't need all that!”. Well you’re right, you don't! And that's why I’ve written this blog post.

The main goal here is to help get you off, and keep you off, tobacco cigarettes and find an e-cigarette device for you that's going to satisfy those nicotine urges that you're going to have when you quit smoking.

Depending on who you talk to people are going to tell you a lot of different things about which is the best e-cigarette device for you. Now please understand I've been to well over 100 different vape shops doing what I do for a living and they all have the same goal in mind… and that is to get you away from cigarettes and get you into vaping. But the way they get you from point A to point B can vary quite a bit.

So what I’ll do is go through some different types of e-cigarette devices briefly touching on each one explaining how they work and what they do for you. I'll explain how they perform and then you can take all of that information and make your own opinion on what you think is going to be the right first device for you. So let’s get going!


“Cig-a-like” (Look-alike) e-cigarettes

My Vape Box ecig device

Now let's start off talking about a device like the one shown in the picture above. A lot of people are going to make fun of me for talking about a device like this (!) because this really is the very bottom end of the device market. But a lot of people use these to get off cigarettes and take a step into vaping because they look like cigarettes and so are less scary than other e-cigarette devices and because they are the cheapest option. You can buy these from your local convenience store and they usually cost about £10, or even less.

These cig-a-like devices are made of 2 parts: The battery and the cartomizer. The cartomizer is a cartridge and atomizer in one. The cartridge holds the e-liquid and nicotine and the atomizer heats the e-liquid and turns it into vapor. The cartridges must be replaced every week or so but the battery can be recharged. Some brands offer the whole thing as a one-piece disposable unit. To give you an idea a cig-a-like device like this will last about the equivalent to 30 cigarettes before the cartridge needs replacing. But the battery is small so will only last the equivalent of about 10 cigarettes. The cartridges come in different nicotine strengths. 18mg/ml is equivalent to traditional tobacco cigarette strength. The advantage of these devices is that they are small and very lightweight. They are cheap and widely available in convenience stores.

The disadvantage of cig-a-like e-cigarette devices is that they are not very good at getting you off cigarettes because they are not very powerful and so the nicotine they provide is limited. The airflow is restricted and the flavor produced is not very strong. So the overall vaping experience from these types of devices is very poor.

So for that device, I guess you could say it's good to start with as long as you’re not smoking cigarettes. But you're probably going to want to go up to something more if you've made the decision that you're really going to give up. So I'm going to recommend to you taking at least one step higher than this. And that's what I’m going to talk about next.


Vape Pen e-cigarettes

So, the next type of device that we're going to talk about is light years ahead of the last thing. They are called Vape Pens. Everything is basically doubled and, in some cases, tripled as far as the performance of the device in comparison to cig-a-likes.

My Vape Box vape pen hardware Aspire Pockex

The picture above shows a Vape Pen e-cigarette device and this is what many, many people start with. Like I said, it really is light years ahead of that cig-a-like device described above. It has a larger tank for holding the e-liquid, so lasts longer between replacing the e-liquid. It has a much larger battery so you’ll pretty much be able to use this device all day long without needing to recharge it. The air flow is substantially better so that you get a much better flavor and stronger nicotine hit and therefore an all-round much better vaping experience. It is much, much better than that little start up cig-a-like that I talked about above. I know people that have used vape pen devices like the Aspire Pockex pictured below, and they've used them for years. And they never get anything more advanced or change devices because this type of device gives them exactly what they're looking for and they’re satisfied with that. So if you're an experienced vaper or vaping enthusiast you're going to want this for different reasons but for people like me that were looking for an alternative to tobacco cigarettes something like the Aspire Pockex might work for you for the long haul.

It's basically one button is all you have on this device. Push the button a few times and it turns on and push it again to fire. It has a 2ml tank, so it holds substantially more e-liquid than the cig-a-like device and overall everything about it is much more enjoyable, the flavor and the production of the vapor. Everything about it is much, much better. However, it is more expensive. We sell them at My Vape Box for £24.99 but for what you're getting and the overall experience everything about this is way better than that first type of device so if you're on a budget and you're just starting out I would highly recommend this before I would recommend the cig-a-like type of device.

This Aspire Pockex device can help you get you off cigarettes or get you off tobacco. And you know how I know this? Because this device is what worked for me. I didn't get sent this device by the manufacturer to talk about, this is the device that helped me quit smoking, so I know if it can work for me then it can work for you too.


Mod e-cigarettes

Now the last type of device that we're going to talk about today is a more advanced type of starter kit. All of these things that I've been talking about so far are devices where everything you need is in one box (except for the e-liquid) so it comes with everything that you'll need. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that. So this next type of device, called a Mod, again is a big step up from that vape pen one.

My Vape Box mod ecig device Aspire Rover X30 hardware

The picture above shows a Mod device called the Rover X30 and this is from the same company Aspire which are very good at the entry level products. This advanced type of device is going to give you basically an even better vaping experience and will let you vape just the way you like it. You have adjustments on this type of device that you do not have on the first 2 devices. Like I said the first 2 devices that we talked about you push the button to get what you get and that's nice but other than that you cannot fine tune the experience to your needs. Whereas with Mod devices you can. With mods you can make adjustments like changing the airflow, adjust the temperature of the vapor that's being produced so you can make it warmer if you like that warm feel or you can make it cooler if you don't want to feel it go down into your lungs.

So overall you have the ability with this device that you did not have with the vape pen or with the cig-a-like. You can charge it up on a charger or you can plug this in to USB and plug it in and charge it so you have a lot of options with this type of device. The Rover X30 is a great device if you have the money. Again it is slightly more expensive than the Pockex. My Vape Box sells the Aspire X30 Rover for £39.99, but this is a device that you can use for a very, very long time. With it you can really experience the flavor and you can overall feel what it’s like to have a great vaping experience.

So you're not going to go out there and compete in some silly cloud competition with a device like this but I promise you this device can get you off of the cigarettes or get you off of the tobacco.



Now you don't know me, so you don't know if you trust me or not, but if I was going to recommend a device to you to start with I would tell you to go straight to a vape pen device like the Aspire Pockex. The main reason why is because a lot of people are going to say that e-cigarettes are so much cheaper than smoking well it's not going to be cheaper if you have to buy new device after new device after new device trying to find something that works for you. I bought 2 cig-a-like devices before I found the Pockex and this was actually the one that worked for me so I would say skip that, skip all of it and go straight to this one.

This is the Aspire Pockex I’m talking about but you don't have to get this device, there's a lot of other great vape pen devices out there like this. I would definitely go with something more like this before I would go with one of the smaller cig-a-like starter kits.

So there you go I hope that this helps you understand what these entry level devices will do for you. Again, if it was my money I'd be spending it on a device like the Pockex that holds more e-liquid, everything's bigger, better battery life and more flexibility. I would go with something like this but if you're very limited on budget please trust me when I tell you this; don't get the cheap cig-a-like device. It's just it's not going to work for you or help you because it won’t get you off of the cigarettes. The Pockex and Rover 30 will give you a much better chance of being successful and we don't want you going back to the cigarettes.

So I hope this blog has helped you out to understand a little bit about some of the entry level devices that you'll find out there when you're just starting on your journey to get away from cigarettes and get into vaping. If you have any further questions, if you're confused about something, please just put it down in the comment section below I will help you out as much as I can.

I'd love to be able to reach as many people as possible so if you have your question I will answer it. Also in an effort to reach as many people as possible I'd love this blog to get out to as many people as possible and there's a couple of ways that you can help me with that. One would be to share this blog through your social media. That really does help us out.

So thank you so much for reading this blog.



  • Very informative .I only smoke in the evening so was wondering how many ml I should get

    dave mathew
  • Nice guide but what about Pod devices? Wouldn’t they also be a good place to start.


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