How to choose the right vaping e-liquid for you

How to choose vape e-liquid

What are the key things we should consider when buying e-liquids? The flavour, the nicotine strength and the VG/PG ratio might be the obvious considerations. And once you have some experience buying e-liquids you'll be able to make fairly informed decisions on those. We quickly find out what e-liquid is suitable for us and what we might enjoy vaping. The other thing we really should always think about is where and who you are buying it from. Price and value for money might also be something that's important to you. We all like a bargain but not if it's going to end up down the sink!

But what if you've only just started vaping e-cigarettes and you have no idea what e-liquid you should be buying? You might be lucky and have friends and family to give you guidance. But if not, then here's some advice that might help you to make the right choices earlier in your vaping journey.

The key things you’ll need to consider when choosing an e-liquid are:

  • E-liquid flavour
  • Nicotine strength
  • VG/PG ratio
  • Who and where you are buying your e-liquid from
  • Value for money

So let’s explore each one of these considerations in turn.

E-liquid flavours

You might be forgiven for thinking this would be an easy thing to choose. We know what flavours we like to eat and drink and we know that we used to enjoy the taste of cigarettes. In practice you might be surprised to find you enjoy vaping flavours you were not expecting to like, which can make it very difficult to make suggestions.

Tobacco flavoured e-liquid

For some people tobacco flavoured e-liquids are exactly what they need and they will continue to enjoy vaping them after years of giving up cigarettes. For others the exact opposite is true. However you feel right now it's good to try some tobacco flavours and see how you get on with them. In our experiences making a successful switch from smoking is neither increased or decreased by using a tobacco flavoured e-liquid, it really does come down to personal taste. Tobacco flavours are just that, another flavour, but if you enjoy sweet, earthy, strong and somewhat savoury flavours that don't taste of something you would eat or drink then you might enjoy them.

Mint and Menthol flavoured e-liquid

For some people mint and menthol flavour e-liquids have become something they vape all day, every day. But like tobaccos they don't appeal at all for others. Again, they are flavours that are worth trying early as it's probably going to be fairly easy to decide if they are going to work for you.

Other e-liquid flavours

Everything else that isn't mint, menthol or tobacco will no doubt require a little more trial (and sadly error!) As e-liquid flavour companies get more and more creative and experienced, the amazing array of different flavour choices has become almost limitless. From Rhubarb and Custard to Cornish Ice Cream, practically every flavour you could imagine is catered for. Take advantage of the offers at My Vape Box to try some flavours you may not have experienced before, you may discover something unexpected that you really enjoy!

Which e-liquid nicotine strength?

A big advantage of using e-cigarettes is that we have almost total control over our nicotine intake. As smokers our bodies became used to a certain amount of nicotine at certain times of the day. As vapers we can replicate that nicotine intake but in a much less harmful way. For lower powered 'mouth to lung' e-cigarette devices, 12mg is a good place to start. If you are inhaling more vapour in a 'direct to lung' style e-cigarette device then 6mg or 3mg is more appropriate. It should be apparent fairly quickly if you need to use a higher or lower nicotine level. If you find yourself needing to use your e-cigarette more than you would like to then try a higher level of nicotine. You can read more about how to choose which nicotine strength to try by reading our more detailed blog on that topic HERE.

The difference between smoking and vaping is that you stopped smoking when you finished your cigarette, when you vape you need to get used to stopping for yourself as an e-cigarette doesn't 'finish' in the same way. Most people will just 'know' when they have vaped enough but if you are worried or struggling with the change try counting your puffs, an average cigarette is less than you might think, only 8-12 puffs.

VG/PG Ratio

These ingredients and their differences have been covered before in previous blogs but in simple terms the more VG there is in a e-liquid the thicker it will be and the denser vapour it will produce. My Vape Box now have a range of 80% VG liquids to cater for people that require or would like to try a higher VG level. Blended for devices with sub-ohm coils and almost always used in a 'direct to lung style' high VG e-liquids will give you a thick dense vapour and a very smooth vaping experience. If you vape 'mouth to lung' or need a high nicotine, then we recommend sticking to our 50/50 blend.

Who and where was your e-liquid made?

E-liquid made in a safe clean roon

Obviously we would be happiest if you bought and enjoyed our own e-liquids! But we understand that sometimes you might like to try different e-liquids from other companies. In today's online world it's fairly easy to check companies out:

  • Does their website look professional?
  • Are their e-liquids fully tested and compliant with UK laws?
  • Are they made in the UK to UK standards or are they imported from overseas?
  • Are they made in professional clean rooms?
  • Do they use only quality ingredients?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself. If in doubt go somewhere else. Those e-liquids on that market stall or online marketplace might look like a cheap bargain, but just how much do you trust them, are they really a genuine e-liquid manufacturer? Any genuine company will be happy to answer your questions and offer reassurance.

You can also check the UK's approved register of vaping and e-liquid products here. This register contains a list of all approved e-liquids and brands which comply with UK laws.

Value for money

For a product that is fairly simple and made of similar ingredients you will have seen that prices can vary quite a lot, from over £5 at the top end to some e-liquids which cost just £1 a bottle. The range in price really reflects the quality of the ingredients being used to make the e-liquid. So whilst it might be tempting to go for that cheapest bottle of e-liquid from the £1 shop, the quality of the ingredients is likely to be much, much lower. And when it comes to vaping and your health, quality and safety should always be a top priority. So cheaper isn’t always better.

Here at My Vape Box we believe we offer a high-quality e-liquid product you can trust, at a price that's fair. You can save even more with our 'Subscribe & Save' deal and if you follow us on our social media pages you will have no doubt seen many other offers and deals. We are so confident in our products we even offer every new customer a free trial so they have nothing to lose!

If you would like any advise on buying from our e-liquid range please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you and we'd love to help you on the road to being an ex-smoker.


My Vape Box Team

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