May UK Menthol Cigarette Ban 2020

Flavoured and menthol cigarettes banned

As some of you might have already heard, the UK is set to impose a ban on menthol cigarettes and other related tobacco products from next month.

Many users of menthol flavoured e-liquids have of course been worried that this might effect availability of those products. The good news is that these new laws do not effect any vaping products or 'smoking alternatives'. So if you currently use menthol flavoured e-liquids then you will be able to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. There will be many vapers who will be very relived that the legislation doesn't include e-liquids but as we are all ex-smokers at My Vape Box, we haven't forgotten what it is to be a smoker and the stress and anxiety this ban may be causing people.

The new UK legislation is likely aimed at reducing the appeal of smoking for younger people but there are many long-term adult smokers that use menthol cigarettes. It's also concerning because it's the same argument that proponents of e-liquid flavour bans always use. That's something that we've talked about before in previous blogs and something we obviously don't support. It's estimated around a quarter of all smokers use some kind flavoured product regularly so the legislation will affect a lot of people. As well as menthol cigarettes the ban also impacts a number of other tobacco products, in fact it will outlaw any cigarettes, rolling tobacco or component with 'characterising flavours' and that includes flavoured filter tips and papers. So no more liquorice papers or menthol filters either. Anything that is seen to be making smoking more palatable will be banned.

We won't get into whether we feel the legislation is a good or bad thing here, really that depends on the long term outcome and it's effects on people health. Of course people's personal situations are something that any blanket legislation cannot take into consideration and, especially at this time, individual's mental health will be a concern. We do find it interesting that no such moves are being made to outlaw flavoured alcohols though but that's a subject for another blog probably.

Menthol flavoured cigarettes banned in the UK

Many current smokers will be forced to make a difficult choice very soon, to continue smoking unflavoured tobacco, quit altogether or switch to a less harmful alternative like flavoured vapour products. If you wish to try vaping then the team at My Vape Box will always be here to offer help, advice and supply you with a high quality, UK made, fully tested product. We offer a wide range of flavoured e-liquid including our Cool Menthol and Crisp Mint which can be vaped as they are or you could mix them with our Classic Tobacco or Tobacco Leaf flavours to create a menthol tobacco flavour if you wanted.

We sell a wide range of nicotine strengths including the higher levels that are essential for a lot of people to make a quick and easy transition to vapour products.

If you currently are smoking menthol cigarettes then there hasn't a better time to switch to vaping. Think of it as an opportunity to make a positive change. If you are feeling some anxiety with this situation then please don't despair, many of us have made a fairly easy transition to vapour products, we believe you will be able to do that too if you want to.

We are still able to deliver orders throughout the current COVID-19 crisis and we are taking all necessary precautions and steps to make sure we can continue to do so. If you've not tried our e-liquids before then our subscription box service will ensure you get your e-liquids when you need them without having to leave your home.

We hope all our customers and readers are in good health and continue to be.

The My Vape Box Team

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