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Here in the UK there has never been a better time to stop smoking. Smoking is the main cause of preventable death around the world and is responsible for 7 out of 10 lung cancer cases in the UK. There are some really good Stop Smoking services available if you are struggling on your own, and the availability and quality of vapour and nicotine replacement products has never been better. There is however one fundamental thing that leads to everything else. You must really want to stop smoking. It's sounds obvious and a bit silly maybe, but it's the biggest hurdle you'll face.

Here is our list of tips to help you stop smoking:

  • Have good reasons to stop. And write them down!
  • Quit when you are in a positive mindset
  • Use NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy)
  • Get some support
  • Continue to use nicotine if you need to
  • Remember, there is no single magic bullet
  • Reward yourself
  • Don’t get disheartened. Try, try again

Have good reasons to stop. And write them down!

Write down every reason you have to stop smoking. This will help you focus on why you are quitting and give you many reasons to stay off those cigarettes. You will probably end up with a wide range of reasons from your health to your wallet. It's been said before that “Stopping smoking is easy, it's staying stopped that's the hard bit” and there is truth in that comment. How many times have our friends said “I've quit smoking” and the next time you see them they are puffing away again. Having this list will remind you any time you feel like smoking again. They are reasons to stop and also reasons to stay stopped.

Quit when you are in a positive mindset

If you are in a good mood, you will be far more likely to quit successfully. If you are under a lot of stress at work or have issues with your home life, it can be very difficult to stop smoking. Plan ahead and try to feel good about stopping smoking. Don't use the phrase 'giving up smoking', what you are doing is making a positive change in your life. ‘Giving up’ something suggests loss, concentrate on what you will be gaining from stopping smoking.

Use NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy)

Nicotine patch to help stop smoking

Most of us at My Vape Box have tried and failed to stop using these products, but that doesn't mean they can't work for you. There is no harm in trying a range of NRT products to see which will suit you best. We are talking about nicotine patches, gums and sprays. You can get help and advice on these products through your GP and local Stop Smoking service. You may even be able to get them for free. If you tried vaping and found it doesn't suit you then it's worth trying something else rather than going back to the cigarettes.

Get some support

Support is often a very important aspect for everyone who's been successful in stopping smoking. This could be your family, friends, a support group or an online community. It will help if you have people to encourage you and just talk to about what you are going through and how you are feeling. If you don't have people around you to support you in a positive way, then seek some out. It will always feel easier when you aren't trying to do something on your own.

Continue to use nicotine if you need to

You may feel pressure to stop your nicotine intake or cut it down quickly, but that can often lead very quickly to relapses. As long as you aren't smoking cigarettes then you are doing fine. Take the time you need and if your goal is to stop using nicotine altogether then you should do it as slowly as you need to. Reducing your nicotine intake levels can be done after you have stopped smoking for good. One step forward at a time or you might end up taking steps backwards.

Remember, there is no single magic bullet

Vaping has proven to be highly effective and it's now the most popular way to stop smoking in the UK. Combining vaping with the expertise of your local Stop Smoking services can improve success rates even more. Many Stop Smoking services are very vaping friendly today, where they might not have been in the past. If you've had a less than helpful experience before because you wanted to try stopping with an e-cigarette, then try again. If you are lucky enough to live or work in the Hampshire area then the Quit4Life have been doing amazing things for smokers with the help of e-cigarettes and are highly recommended. A quick Google search should help you find somewhere in your area.

Reward yourself

Stopping smoking has the potential to save you thousands of pounds a year. If you treat yourself to something with that money, that will be a huge incentive to carry on. A nice holiday, a new guitar, some jewellery, a big TV or whatever it is you've always wanted but couldn't afford. You'll be surprised how quickly that cash can add up.

Don’t get disheartened. Try, try again

Most of us ex-smokers have tried and failed before, sometimes multiple times over several years. You might be lucky and find the process of stopping relatively easy, but if not don't beat yourself up. Put it down to experience, think about why you were unsuccessful and start making plans again. Build your support, try a different NRT or a different e-cigarette.

Final thoughts

Our final thoughts on this go right back to the comment at the start of this blog. You must really want to stop smoking, if you don't really want to then you won't be successful, whatever method you choose or whatever help you have. If you've decided that this is the right moment for you, then we hope you get something positive from this and you can join us along with the thousands of others who are now smoke-free.

My Vape Box Team

Stop smoking tips

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