What nicotine strength e-liquid should I get?

My Vape Box nicotine strength on an ejuice bottle

Today we're going to be talking about e-liquid nicotine strength and which one suits you best.

So nicotine is a bit of a confusing topic and we often get asked at My Vape Box “what is the right nicotine strength for me?”.

E-liquids come in a variety of different nicotine strengths going from super low to extremely high and a lot of people tend to get confused about which nicotine strength suits them best. Hopefully this blog will answer those questions.

To start out, nicotine is actually a chemical which your body naturally expels. The main difference between the nicotine that you get from a cigarette to a vape, is that with cigarettes not only are you getting the nicotine, but you are also getting thousands of extra poisonous chemicals too. Those extra chemicals almost trap the nicotine in your body which is why if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you’ll probably always be smoking a pack a day until you decide to quit.

E-cigarettes are different because there are no extra chemicals alongside the nicotine you are getting from the vape and so your body is able to naturally expel the nicotine much more effectively. So for example, when I first started vaping I used 18mg nicotine e-liquids, but as time went by I dropped from 18mg to 12mg. Then 12mg to 6mg and now I'm on 3mg!

The reason why this happens is because over time as you are vaping your body naturally expels all that nicotine so you'll notice that if you're vaping 18mg e-liquid to start with then after a few months you’ll start to find 18mg too harsh for you. That’s essentially your body telling your it’s time to drop from 18mg to 12mg. And over time you’ll hit a really low nicotine strength or even zero strength and you won’t need to use e-cigarettes or vape at all!

There are a lot of factors deciding on which nicotine strength to get, down to what device you are using and how powerful it is. When I started vaping I was using an Aspire Pockex. That e-cigarette device does not put out a massive amount of vapour so I needed a higher nicotine strength liquid. Fast forward to today when I use a more advance and more powerful box mod I dropped from 12mg to 6mg because the more powerful device created more vapour and so I don’t need as much nicotine in my e-liquid.

A lot of people have this misconception that they are smoking a pack a day so they need more nicotine. But that’s not quite the case. For example if you were smoking a pack a day and you’re using a powerful box mod device a 6mg strength e-liquid should be more than enough for you.

What nicotine does to the e-liquid is that the more nicotine that you have the harsher the e-liquid is going to be. If you’re starting on a vape pen, something say like the Aspire Pockex, or any device like that I would recommend starting with a 12mg nicotine strength e-liquid and see how that is for you. If it’s not enough nicotine then you can jump up to 18mg. But 12mg is definitely a good place to start.

A good thing for me to mention, when you’re starting out vaping is that it's always better to have too low strength nicotine rather than too high strength nicotine. And that's because if you don’t have enough you can just use the device more and increase the e-liquid strength next time round. But if you have too high nicotine strength you're not even going to be able to use the vape at all because it will be unpleasant.

I hope that helps!

Chloe x

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