Which e-cigarette device should I get?

A beginners guide to selecting your first e-cigarette device


It's usually the first question we will ask after deciding to switch to an e-cigarette. The amount of choice available today can be overwhelming even for experienced vapers. For someone who has no idea of the types available and the differences between them it can be very difficult to choose something that will work for you.

To try and make things a little less complicated, for this blog I will presume you are a long-term smoker. I will also presume you are looking for a vaping experience that is as close to smoking as possible so that you can replace your cigarettes.

Quitting smoking when it has been a part of your daily life for a long time is never easy. But, as I said in my previous blog about whether e-cigs will help you stop smoking cigarettes, using a suitable vapour product definitely will help you.

E-cigarette ease of use

The first thing you might want to consider is ease of use. In that first week or two it's important that your main focus is on quitting smoking. Having an e-cigarette device that is too complicated or is frustrating you is not going to help. It will only have you reaching for that packet of 20 in no time, which is something we always want to try and avoid! As you progress in your vaping journey you may well find that you enjoy having e-cig devices that you can adjust and tinker with, but for now, simpler is almost always better.

Types of e-cigarette devices

Two of the simplest and “easy to use” types of e-cigarettes are known as AIO's and Pod Systems.

E-cigarette "AIO" (All-In-One) devices

AIO's are 'All In One' devices and manufacturers like Aspire, Joyetech and Innokin all produce great examples of AIO systems. Unlike some e-cig devices which have a separate tank for holding the e-liquid and a separate battery that all connect, an AIO as the name suggests combines them together into a single easy to use unit. 

AIO's have replaceable vape coil heads that will either screw or push into the device and are a great choice for your first e-cigarette. (Don’t worry if you’re not sure what a vape coil is yet, we’ll be blogging about these in detail in the next few weeks, so you’ll be an expert in no time. But in the meantime, here is a short blog if you want some info about what vape coils are right now).

E-cigarette "Fully Closed" Pod systems

E-cig Pod Systems are a relatively new type of e-cigarette device but have become very popular this year. And it's easy to see why... they are relatively inexpensive, light, easy to pocket and very easy to use. They come in many shapes and styles from small pen-type devices to more box shaped.

Juul closed pod e-cigarette system in hand

The biggest difference between e-cig Pod Systems and other types of devices is how 'closed' the system is. A 'fully closed pod system' like the JUUL (pictured above) comes with pre-coiled and pre-filled pods. You just vape the pod until it's empty, take it out of the device and replace it with a new pod. 

This is obviously the simplest type of e-cig device to use, but it does have downsides. Firstly, you are limited by the choice of e-liquid in the pods (for example, at the moment JUUL only has 5 basic flavours). Secondly, is the cost of throwing a pod away every time you vape 2ml of liquid. In my opinion it's a wasteful and expensive option.

E-cigarette "Semi-Closed" Pod systems

Next is what I would call a 'semi-closed pod system'. In this type of device, you can fill and refill the pod with your own e-liquid. These types of devices can be refilled many times over a week or more before the pod needs replacing. It's easy to know when the heating coil in the pod has come to the end of its life as you will notice a drop off in vapour production and it may give a taste that's often described as 'dirty' or burnt. (We’ll discuss this “burnt taste” more in a future blog). When that happens its time to replace the 'pod' part of the device.

E-cigarette Open Pod systems

'Open pod systems' like the Aspire Breeze 2 (pictured below), Aspire Nautilus AIO and Innokin EQ will not only let you refill the pods but also change the coil inside the pod. The pod itself acts more like a traditional tank or AIO device and I expect many would argue with me that these types of devices aren't really pod systems at all!

Aspire Breeze e-cigarette device in hand

But it is these open type pods that I would recommend for most people. It's not difficult to change the coil or fill with e-liquid and personally I think the advantages far outweigh any slight inconvenience over the closed types.

E-cigarette Mod kits

The last option you could consider as your first device is what is commonly known as a 'regulated mod kit'. But I do recommend these with caution as not all will be a good choice as your first vaping device. These kits have an e-liquid tank and a separate battery device that has more features than AIO or pod types. The biggest difference here is that you can adjust the power going to the vape coil to tailor the vape to suit you. They are the type of vaping device that a lot of us end up using because of their versatility over AIO's and Pods. But personally, I feel that if you are just starting out with vaping they are something you should be looking at a little way along your journey as a non-smoker.

The specifications, power and vaping experience can vary massively with these kinds of e-cig devices and unless you know what you like, it can be very easy to buy something that won't work for you and will lead to frustration and ultimately make it more difficult for you to stop smoking.

So which e-cigarette should I get? Here’s my conclusion...

Here at My Vape Box, we have a small but very good selection of Aspire e-cigarette devices that would be very suitable for your first e-cigarette. My personal recommendation would be the Aspire Breeze 2 which is a very simple to use 'open pod system' that you can fill with the e-liquid flavour of your choice and replace the vape coil when needed. It is small, reliable and very easy to tuck in your pocket or purse. It gives an excellent flavourful vape and performs way beyond its size and price. It will also work very well with our 12mg or 18mg My Vape Box e-liquid as a direct replacement to your current cigarette.

If you decide to move on to something else in the future, even if that is after a couple of weeks then the Breeze will still be a very useful e-cigarette to have around. Having a spare, secondary, back up vape is highly recommended. It can be too easy to get caught out if you forget to charge the device or have an unexpected coil failure!

Well I hope that has given some guidance on the different type of e-cigarette devices out there. As always, we love to talk about all things vaping and e-cigarette related here at My Vape Box, so we’d love to hear about what your first e-cig device was and what was your experience. Just post in the comments box below! And if you found this blog helpful, please don’t forget to share it on social media also.

Have a great week and catch up with you again soon.

Simon - My Vape Box, UK

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  • Thanks for the kind comment Helen, it can be confusing at first that’s for sure.

    Simon (My Vape Box)
  • That’s really helpful – it’s so confusing for a beginner as there are so many options when you start looking. It’s also really good to know that even if I move on I might still use the kit I first bought, so it’s not money wasted. Thank you. :)


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