Why it's important to regularly change your e-cigarette coils

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Here at My Vape Box we get asked A LOT about e-cigarette coils.

  • What are coils?
  • What do they do in e-cigarettes?
  • Why do they need to be replaced?
  • And how do I know when to replace e-cigarette coils?

Well, this blog aims to answer all those questions. So here goes!

The background to e-cigarette coils

Inside your e-cigarette device you have a coil. The coil is powered by the battery and it is a small heating element. It heats the e-liquid and turns it into vapour. There are all kinds of different coils and you’ll need to match the coil to your device. So it must be made by the same manufacturer for the specific device you use.

The coils in your device are set to a certain resistance and the lower the resistance of the coil the stronger the hit you are going to get from your device because it’s resisting less of the battery power.

Why do coils need replacing?

Coils are the part of your e-cigarette device that heat up your e-liquid and turn it into vapour. Over time these coils can become worn out leading to very little vapour production, leaking or an unpleasant or burnt taste.

The most obvious factor affecting the life of your coils is how frequently you vape. The more often you use your device the more quickly the coils will be worn out.
Also, vaping very sweet e-liquids can wear out your coils more quickly. The artificial sweetener can essentially caramelize on to the coil and form a layer of burnt oil residue on the coil affecting its ability to vaporise the e-liquid and also greatly affecting the flavor.

Sometimes experiencing a burnt flavour might be a burnt wick. In RDAs the wick and coil are separate components. They can be replaced individually. But in other types of devices coil and wicking material are combined together in a component called an atomizer head.

In the case of atomizer heads if you dry burn your coils (that is if you use your device without an adequate amount of e-liquid soaked into the wick) then it will burn the wick and the entire atomizer head will need to be replaced.  

If you're using any e-liquid with a really high ratio of VG it will have a much higher viscosity and this means that it will saturate the wick in your atomizer much more slowly. If you vape really frequently the wick might not have time to get fully saturated between draws and the wick might burn. If this happens it might mean you need to switch to an e-liquid that's got a higher PG content so it saturates more quickly.

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When to change your coils

As to when exactly you should change your coil, there is no exact answer. But if your coil has a layer of dark residue on it your vape has a burnt or acidic taste or produces very little vapour despite having adequately charged batteries it's probably time to change. For an average e-cigarette user, we’d recommend changing your coil every 1-2 weeks.

So I hope this blog has succeeded in answering some of the common questions about e-cigarette coils. However, if things are still confusing, or you have other questions, please just put it down in the comment section below we’ll help as much as we can.

Also, we'd love this blog to get out to as many people as possible and there's a couple of ways that you can help us do that. One would be to share this blog through your social media. That really does help us out.

Thanks for reading!

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