Will e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?

It's a question I asked myself almost 3 years ago now. As I sit here today the only answer I can give is yes, absolutely it will help you. With the right e-cigarette device and the right e-liquid I believe vaping is the most effective way of quitting smoking for good. I also believe that if I can do it, anyone can.... you can.

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"As I sit here today the only answer I can give is YES, absolutely it will help you."  

Like many people I started smoking as a teenager. At first it would just be an occasional thing that I did with my friends. By the time I reached high school, I was buying a packet of 10 cigarettes everyday with my dinner money. When I was given money by my parents to go to the cinema or bus money to go to a friend’s house I would spend it on cigarettes. By the time I left school and started earning my own money I was already an addict and having money in my pocket every week just meant I was soon smoking a packet of 20 a day, sometimes more.


25 years later I was still smoking but my health was really starting to suffer. Like many people I tried several times to stop smoking. Cold turkey, patches, gum, you name it. The problem with all those things is they are not pleasurable in any way. And while they may be a way to wean yourself off nicotine they are not a replacement for smoking and I would always find myself 'missing' smoking and going back.


As smokers we are not just nicotine addicts. We use smoking as a way of relaxing, a way to finish a nice meal, a companion to a cup of tea and so on. The big reason to why I and many others are successful quitting smoking using e-cigarettes and vapour products is because you can use them as a direct replacement. One of my earliest memories after switching to an e-cigarette was enjoying a lovely nutty caramel tobacco flavoured e-liquid with a cup of tea on a break at work. I found it just as satisfying and more pleasurable than my cigarettes ever were.


The electronic cigarette was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, after the death of his father from smoking related illnesses. His basic technology and his ideas are now well established in every vaping device across the world. The electronic cigarette industry, comprising of many companies, has seen a dramatic growth over the last 10 years and has transformed the lives of many people. It sounds a little dramatic to say that vaping has saved my life but in reality that's how I feel.


I've now been through two winters where I've not even had so much of a sniffle that lasted longer than a few days. I feel much happier and generally healthier. Sometimes I can go all week without really spending any money as I don't have the continuous need of walking to the shop to buy tobacco every two days any more. Of course I still spend some money on e-liquids and the occasional new vaping device but it's far less than I spent on smoking and no more than others may spend on a bottle of wine, some chocolate or a meal out.


Thankfully my days as a smoker are now almost three years in my past. Kicking the habit of smoking is a massive achievement for anyone and let's be very clear here, vaping isn't smoking. It is however a brilliant tool to help people like me dramatically reduce the massive devastation that smoking causes to someone's health. I believe it’s a tool that everyone who's tried and failed to stop smoking before should be seriously thinking about trying. Everything you need to make the switch to vaping is available for less than what most smokers spend in a week on cigarettes. All I can do is urge you to make that decision to give vaping a try.


I personally use e-liquids with a 50/50 VG/PG blend which means in the right device they will do an excellent job of replicating a smoking experience, both in the way it feels when you breath in the vapour and the way the vapour appears when you exhale. Using the right device and e-liquid is as important to your success as your will and desire to leave smoking behind. To switch to e-cigarettes successfully it's important for most people that the device can give you a similar experience as your cigarettes did. If you've tried before and failed, try again with a different device and a different liquid. I will be writing more blogs over the coming weeks to explain more about how you can find the right device for you.


The Royal College of Physicians' studies have shown that vaping is a much less risky activity than smoking and have stated:

“Although it is not possible to estimate the long-term health risks associated with e-cigarettes precisely, the available data suggest that they are unlikely to exceed 5% of those associated with smoked tobacco products, and may well be substantially lower than this figure.”


This is very important and when you consider that wearing a seat belt in your car reduces the risk of death by 45% and cuts the risk of serious injury by 50%. Switching to an e-cigarette that is at least 95% less harmful than smoking a traditional cigarette is going to make a very big difference to your health and your life. Smokers that switch to vaping can also wave goodbye to smelly ashtrays, smokey clothes and save money too!


Will e-cigarettes help you quit smoking? They will, as they have hundreds of thousands of people in the UK already. We are the living proof. Don't even think of it as giving up smoking or quitting anything, just think of it as getting rid of something that's old, dangerous and smelly and replacing it with a nice shiny, cleaner, healthier alternative that you will, in all likelihood, end up enjoying far more.


I genuinely hope this blog has helped you to understand a bit more about e-cigarettes and how they can help you quit smoking. It is really a brief introduction to what is quite a wide topic. I will be writing regular blogs over the coming weeks to explain a bit more on certain area. But if you do have any questions please just put it down in the comment section below and between us we will try to answer.


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  • Hi,
    really enjoyed your blog and it is nice to see that vaping can help people stop smoking. I gave up cigarettes a number of years ago, but all I did really was give up one thing and started on another. I may have given the ciggies up, but I went straight onto smoking cigars as I enjoyed the flavour and it was still like smoking a cigarette, but without the health risks (that’s what I told myself anyway). The main reason that I wanted to stop smoking was that I don’t smoke in the house and it was getting ridiculous having to go outside in all weathers to have my cigar and then I started to notice the smell on my clothes and in the car. I then looked at vaping and thought, if they have devices that imitate cigarettes, then maybe they would have ones that imitate cigars. I then found a device that looks just like a cigar, but didn’t get the same enjoyments as I did when smoking a real one. I tried different flavours, but it still wasn’t the same.

    I then looked at normal vaping devices and thought vapour is vapour and started with one from Blu (sorry, I know they are competitors)and found it actually better than the ‘cigar’ that I was using The biggest problem I was finding was that I didn’t know anything about vaping and what device’s to use. The Blu is okay, but you can only use their cartridges and they are only lasting me a couple of days, but I have to keep charging the device (sometimes twice a day). I originally had a sample from My Vape Box, but didn’t have a device that I could use it with. After much research I purchased an Aspire X30 Rover Kit (still waiting for delivery)from My Vape Box yesterday (10/10/2018) and will let you know how I get on with it, I just hope it’s as good as everyone say’s it is.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs


    James Hunstone
  • I smoked 20 a day with a night out you could probably add another 10 to that I was speaking to a colleague at work who stopped using an e cig he told me he was going to his local vaoe shop that night do liquid and asked me if I wanted to give it a go I can honestly say I’ve never looked back not one cigarette has passed my lips in 14 months best move I ever made

    David Gass

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