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US Trump against smoking vaping ecigarettes

Terrible news from the US on a vaping ban (again)

Once again I find myself writing about something I would rather I didn't have to. It's come to light today that the United States government are pushing forward with plans for an outright ban on flavoured e-liquids. The ramifications of this, if it goes ahead, will be far wide and devastating for both the vaping industry and every smoker and ex-smoker in the US... 

Is vaping safe or will it make me ill

Vaping linked to mystery lung illness: Should we be worried or is this just more scary headlines?

I was supposed to be writing about something more positive this week, but events and the headlines across the media in the last couple of weeks has forced me into addressing those stories instead.

You've probably seen some of the articles where, apparently, “vaping” has caused lung damage and put some people in hospital and in a coma. There's currently over 3 million people vaping in the UK, many of them, like myself, have been vaping for a good number of years, with only positive effects compared to when we were smokers. So, what's been going on?...



A complicated e-cigarette vaping device

Why are some e-cigarettes so over-complicated!?

It's the question a friend of mine asked me just the other day. He'd accidentally pressed a button combination that had put his e-cigarette 'starter kit' into a different mode and to quote him “wasn't vaping right.”

It's a valid question too. Smoking was simple, he pulled one cigarette out the packet and lit it. Now he has menus to navigate and settings to adjust, vape coils to prime, e-cigarette tanks to fill, batteries to charge, etc. I can feel his frustration down the phone...

Why is smoking cigarettes addictive

Why is smoking addictive?

Almost everyone who has ever given up smoking or tried to give up smoking will have found that it's not an easy thing to do. Smoking is highly addictive and the longer you've smoked for the more it will have become part of your daily life and routine. It becomes not only an addiction in the medical and chemical sense but also a habit and a crutch that we use to lean on...

Can I vape on holiday?

Are e-cigarettes allowed in hand luggage? (And other tips for vaping abroad)

Going abroad on holiday should be a fun relaxing time, but for vapers it can be a bit of a headache. Within Europe it's not usually too complicated. But travelling to other countries can have some issues. Sadly, travelling with an e-cigarette isn’t always as straightforward as it should be.

Vaping in places where it’s banned can have very serious consequences. And the last thing you want while you’re on holiday is a fine (or worse!). Airline rules and countries laws can change, so it's always worth double checking to make sure you comply with their policies...

how much money does vaping cost vs cigarettes

How much money can vaping save you?

The ever increasing price of cigarettes and tobacco is one of the reasons many of us start to think about switching to vaping. The health benefits of doing so are well proven and documented, but how much money could you actually save by switching to vaping?

There will be naysayers that will claim they haven't saved anything or even say they have spent more, but I would suggest that is through a choice they've made. If you were a very light smoker of hand rolling tobacco and you've switched to buying an expensive hand-made vaping device every month, then maybe you will spend more. But that’s not the reality for most people...

Man quitting smoking My Vape Box tips

Tips to help you stop smoking

Here in the UK there has never been a better time to stop smoking. Smoking is the main cause of preventable death around the world and is responsible for 7 out of 10 lung cancer cases in the UK. There are some really good Stop Smoking services available if you are struggling on your own, and the availability and quality of vapour and nicotine replacement products has never been better. There is however one fundamental thing that leads to everything else. You must really want to stop smoking. It's sounds obvious and a bit silly maybe, but it's the biggest hurdle you'll face...


Man Direct to lung and Mouth to lung vaping

DTL vaping and MTL vaping: What are they and what do they mean?

DTL and MTL are two of the most commonly used acronyms when talking about vaping. They refer to 'Direct to Lung' and 'Mouth to Lung'.

These terms can be very confusing for new vapers (and sometimes even experienced ones too!). They can be used to refer to e-cigarette tanks, coils, airflow and e-liquids and are often combined with other descriptive words to create phrases such as “Restricted DTL” and “Tight MTL”. Sometimes even I have trouble understanding exactly what people are talking about, so I think a closer look and some explanation is needed...

Should high street retailers be selling e-cigarette devices

Should e-cigarette devices be sold by high street retailers?

The store chain giant Argos has recently recalled a number of vaping devices from companies such as Smok and Innokin. The devices involved in the recall are what they call 'high performance' vaping kits that include removable 18650 battery cell mods.  Argos have stated on their recall page that “It has come to our attention that the battery sold with the above E-cigarettes could cause overheating and result in injury.”...

Why does my e-liquid suddenly taste funny

Why does my e-liquid suddenly taste bad?

Many vapers have experienced those times when your favourite e-liquid starts tasting weird, different, or isn't tasting of anything much at all. It's something I've been through and sometimes it will reoccur occasionally.

Most of us have heard of the dreaded 'Vapers Tongue' when we simply can't taste the flavours in the vapour, but I've noticed many other things that affect how my vape tastes. Some of them might be common and obvious, while others were unexpected to me and took me some time to understand why it was happening...


VG PG ratio e-liquid from My Vape Box

What is the difference between VG and PG and which mix is right for me?

Almost all vaping e-liquids contain a mix of both PG and VG called a 'Ratio', usually expressed as 50/50, 80/20, 60/40 etc. This can be confusing as different products may use the first number to represent either VG or PG. However it's increasingly becoming the industry standard that the VG will be expressed first, so a 70/30 mix will have base ingredients of 70% VG and 30% PG. There are reasons that manufacturers use different ratios that we will explore a little later on, but it's important to know what you are buying so you can be sure it will work for you and your vaping device...

Common mistakes vaping e-liquid and e-cigarettes

My alternative list of "Common mistakes new vapers make"

There are many “Top 5 mistakes new vapers make” (and similarly titled blogs) on the web already. But sadly a lot of them are just facsimiles of each other that don't offer anything new or offer any really good advice to new vapers. A lot of them feel very out of date, with information that is quite honestly closer to misinformation. With all that in mind here's my own alternative list of 'Common mistakes new vapers make.'...