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Temperature control troubleshooting vaping

Why isn't temperature control working on my e-cigarette device?

E-cigarette temperature control, a feature found on the more advanced vaping devices, is something that many seem to struggle with. It's not hard to understand why, when all they have to guide them is a poorly written manual, that often presumes a certain amount of vaping knowledge.

I've seen e-cigarette manuals that say nothing more than 'A temperature control compatible coil must be used.' Once you understand how it works and why you would to use it, things do start to get a little easier to understand and getting it 'working' correctly shouldn't be too much trouble.

New Scientist magazine article vaping

'New Scientist' ignores the vaping science in favour of a contradictory e-cig study

I recently had my attention drawn to an article on the website 'New Scientist' entitled 'E-cigarettes are no better than alternative aids to quit smoking'. With that as the headline, I had to take a look of course. What I found wasn't quite what I was expecting...
E-cigarette reviews and rules on social media

Vaping Reviewers, Advocates and Influencers

When I first started using e-cigarettes, I used to watch a lot of reviewers on YouTube. I quite quickly found some that I liked and trusted what they were saying. It helped me become accustomed to the language, the different types of devices and it provided a useful distraction during those first few months I stopped smoking and switched to vaping. Back then there were only a handful of people talking about vaping products on the platform, and a lot of them were focused on the DIY aspects like building coils and modifying devices...

How to clean and wash vaping e-cigarettes

How do I clean my e-cigarette and vaping equipment?

Depending on the type of e-cigarette devices you are using, how much cleaning you might need to do and how to approach it can vary. If you are using disposable vaping pods then it might not have even crossed your mind before. Questions about cleaning vaping equipment seem to come up quite often, especially with new vapers, so these are my recommendations based on the experiences and cleaning routines of the team here at My Vape Box...
Nicotine protecting against covid-19 corona virus

Does Nicotine protect against the Covid-19 Virus?

I was recently invited to an online 'webinar' hosted by the New Nicotine Alliance and featuring Dr Farsalinos MD, who some of you may be aware of already. His peer reviewed research around nicotine and vaping has been extremely valuable to the community since 2011. He is now one of the first people in the world to look at the mounting data and produce his own research suggesting that nicotine may have protective properties against COVID-19...

E-liquid for vaping branding

E-Liquid Branding

My overall feelings about branding used in the vaping industry has changed a lot over the years I have been buying these products. I've come to realise that my own feelings are to a certain extent reactionary, depending on the media attention of vaping itself. When vaping is under attack I feel more strongly towards what I might consider 'unsuitable' branding. When things are more positive, I take a more relaxed view. It's an easy trap to fall into and while I'm usually able to look at something in a balanced way it shows that it's easy to sometimes feel forced into taking a different position...

My Vape Box e-liquids for vaping

E-liquids, The Past and The Future?

E-liquid is as old as vaping itself, it's obviously a fundamental part of vaping. But in the earliest days of e-cigarette use e-liquid was just an unnamed component of the first vaping products.

The first e-cigarette I ever experienced personally was a 'cig-a-like' that contained very little e-liquid and produced very little vapour. I had no idea what was inside the plastic tube, I had no idea what was producing the 'smoke', and when it ran out it was time to throw it away and buy another one. This was a few years before I eventually quit smoking and by the time I did refillable tanks were the norm...

Which wicking material for vaping coil

What are wicking materials for vaping

It's very easy these days to walk into any vape shop and pick up a bag of specialist vaping cotton or pre-made wicks. Manufacturers of vaping coil heads have also, for the most part, settled on organic cotton as the tried and tested wicking material of choice. It hasn't always been this way and many different types of wick have been used in the past and others have fallen in and out of favour...

UK ban on Menthol flavoured cigarettes

May UK Menthol Cigarette Ban 2020

As some of you might have already heard, the UK is set to impose a ban on menthol cigarettes and other related tobacco products from next month.

Many users of menthol flavoured e-liquids have of course been worried that this might effect availability of those products. The good news is that these new laws do not effect any vaping products or 'smoking alternatives'. So if you currently use menthol flavoured e-liquids then you will be able to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. There will be many vapers who will be very relived that the legislation doesn't include e-liquids but as we are all ex-smokers at My Vape Box, we haven't forgotten what it is to be a smoker and the stress and anxiety this ban may be causing people...

What is airflow when vaping an ecigarette device

Vaping airflow and why it matters

Airflow is important to getting a good quality and satisfying vaping experience. We've talked about it a little before with regard to 'Mouth to lung' and 'Direct to lung' vaping, but it can also affect flavour, vapour production, the warmth of the vapour, and the overall feel when you inhale. If your e-cigarette device has adjustable airflow or inserts to restrict the air flowing over the vaping coil it can have quite a dramatic effect, sometimes more so than simply adjusting the power...
Which size e-cigarette device

Does size matter? (Big vaping kits vs Small vaping kits)

There's quite a bit to consider when choosing a vaping device, one aspect that isn't always given much thought is size. There's advantages and disadvantages to both large and small kits that you might not have really thought about, especially if it's going to be your first vaping device. After size, weight is another factor that could be important to you. If you are going to be carrying it around all day, or need it to fit in with your lifestyle, hobbies and regular activities, then you need to buy something suitable...

Vaping terms and lingo, what does it all mean? (Part 2)

Vaping terms and lingo, what does it all mean? (Part 2)

The way experienced e-cigarette users talk about their equipment can be extremely confusing for a new vaper. Last time we talked about some common acronyms and numbers. This time, in part 2 of this blog, we'll go over some of the nicknames and common phrases...